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The Bright Balloon

Dec 14, 2021

This final episode of the year will actually walk you through the year end review process laid out in The Bright Balloon Business Planner... from how your business made you feel, to the numbers inside of your business, to how to use this information for next year.


I really believe that tracking your business stats is like the first step in achieving your business goals, because if you know your numbers, then you can make a plan to grow!



01:32 - Consider how your business made you feel

02:38 - Finances

05:44 - Business stats

09:27 - My hope for how this process and the planner will help you

10:19 - Next steps for The Bright Balloon Podcast

13:12 - 12 Days of Christmas: top 12 most downloaded episodes from the podcast



1. Does your Instagram bio have these three things?

2. Three FREE upgrades you can make in your business today!

39. How I Price My Organic Garland

37. Pricing, competition and networking | Tiffany from Confetti Castle

3. Get control of your client communication!

5. Investing In Education | An Interview with Balloon Coach, Joette Giardina

4. Put Your Business on the Map

47. Vendor Showcases with Ali from Charming Garlands

50. The Great Balloon Shortage! | Joe from Havin' A Party Wholesale

61. Getting Organized with Lilly, The Creative Heart Studio

6. Expanding Your Network With Styled Shoots

26. Cold Outdoor Decor Tips with Megan Raysby



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