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The Bright Balloon

Jun 14, 2022

Email marketing for my balloon business is always the thing that falls by the wayside... can you relate?


After feeling the relief of handing off email marketing for the podcast (then watching it grow in the way it has) I quickly knew I needed to find a similar solution for my balloon business.


And thanks to the help of some familiar podcast guests... we've made it happen!


In this week's episode, Jeff, Nicole and I talk about some important tips for effective email marketing, and how we've rolled those tips into our brand new collaboration: The Creative Current.


I'll be a subscriber, too, and can't wait to see what it does for my balloon business!


>> see an example of what we'll be sending!




02:37 - why email marketing is important

06:02 - 3 rules to follow for effective email marketing

16:04 - what The Creative Current is

20:40 - you're a good fit for this if...

22:20 - how it works for you as a business owner




The Creative Current 

Havin' A Party Wholesale


The LASER Focused Solopreneur

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