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The Bright Balloon

Mar 8, 2022

Haley’s adventure with balloons started when she added the service into her non-profit event planning, and as word spread about her skills, friends and family started reaching out for balloon requests.


Before she knew it, (and with a ton of confidence and savvy decisions) she became THE place in Spokane to provide balloons. Now, not only are her and her husband both self-employed, they’ve also gone on to employ several people as well.


Through the process, she’s learned how to navigate the health insurance world on her own. From COBRA to HSAs to health care consultants, Haley shares some great advice on where to look when you don’t have a full-time job supplying them to you.  


We also talk about retirement planning, finances, branding and how to make some hard decisions. No matter where you’re at with your business or what your plans might be for growth, I know you’ll find some advice from this episode.




 5:06 – Haley’s entry point into balloons

10:15 – when she brought in her employees

14:30 – what it’s actually like to be self-employed

18:00 – how she approached purchasing health insurance

20:30 – thinking about retirement

25:00 – how she pays herself from her business

31:30 - knowing your brand

37:33 - advice for those afraid to move forward




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