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The Bright Balloon

Jul 19, 2022

This episode is back to the list-style format, where I'll walk you through 10 things you should double-check are listed and available on your website.


Some are more of a nice bonus than others, but are super easy to implement.


I really hope you find this list helpful and that any updates you make will mean more leads, smoother processes and more sales for your business!


And if you discover something you're missing, we've got quite a few episodes and tools listed here in the show notes that can get you started!


01:52 - your location (check Instagram, too!)

02:58 - about page

04:41 - a way to collect the info you need from them

06:47 - your booking process

08:14 - Instagram feed

09:25 - localized SEO

11:22 - pricing menus that expedite sales

13:33 - searchable file names for images

16:19 - suggested venues and vendors

19:10 - pop-up




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