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The Bright Balloon

Jun 27, 2023

When Tisha started her business, she initially set out to create and curate Insta-worthy party ideas for DIY moms, but, as she describes, balloons quickly chose her as the specific type of party decor to lean into.  

Now, she's built her business up to include three part-time employees helping with inflating, install...

Jun 20, 2023

Flavia started her company in 2018 and has seen incredible growth ever since. Now with a fleet of vans, multiple employees and a booming business that services both the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metros, Flavia has built her company into a thriving machine that I loved learning more about.


She takes us through:

Jun 13, 2023

My friend Misti of Balloons by Misti has developed a super unique tier system that gives her designer choice every single time. It gave me several light bulb moments that I can't wait to implement into my business and I know you'll find at least one takeaway from this episode as well!

Misti shares with us the details of...

Jun 6, 2023

This week I'm chatting with Travis Green of Squeek Balloon & Decor about networking! So many great tips and action steps!


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Jun 1, 2023

Here's another bonus episode of what we've been learning and chatting about over in the Bright Balloon Book Club!

Join here! 

Last month, we read Goals by Zig Ziglar. This episode is a brief overview of the key takeaways! 


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