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The Bright Balloon

Jun 13, 2023

My friend Misti of Balloons by Misti has developed a super unique tier system that gives her designer choice every single time. It gave me several light bulb moments that I can't wait to implement into my business and I know you'll find at least one takeaway from this episode as well!

Misti shares with us the details of how she developed her unique pricing structure that keeps it all as simple as possible. In a nutshell, she figures out the pricing for her components and builds upon that. And what I love about it is that it's a brilliant way for her as the designer to keep herself in check... because we all know how easy it is to keep adding more and more in order to get the design "just right".

And you've got to listen in for some great examples in the way she communicates with her customers... from expectations, to trust and turning down jobs, Misti shares some great language that's professional and kind while helping her keep her boundaries.

We go on to talk about the pros and cons of different booking processes, ways to interpret what our customers really want and her signature delivery goody that she includes with every order. It seems like she has 1,000 great ideas and reasons for using her balloon tags and it's definitely inspired me to start using them, too.



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