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The Bright Balloon

Dec 27, 2022

This episode is all about positive reflection on 2022! My wins, your wins and our collective win-wins! I've absolutely LOVED reading your comments on Instagram and am so inspired and grateful to you all for sharing.


Some wins from 2022 that I'm so excited about:

  • The book club, and specifically The Pumpkin Plan
  • Hiring bookkeepers and an inflator
  • Learning and growing from interviews, plus a bucket list interview with Treb


Some wins & specifically helpful resources you've all shared:


Your AWESOME goals:

Financial - Charging without fear, making a range from $10k to $200k, having one big $1500 job per month, getting expenses in order / managing cash flow

Marketing - Building a website (so many of you!), getting more corporate clients, launching an online store, getting into the wedding market

Life - Working smarter and not harder, expanding by empowering & assisting other balloon artists, finding balance between business & parenting, attending Summit, making people happy!

Assets - Getting a new space and a new van

Systems - Utilizing more of 17hats and getting on top of admin


If you haven't found a moment to make your 2023 goals yet, I can't encourage it enough! I'm a huge believer that writing them down and keeping them visible is half the battle to reaching your goals... and I've got some tricks for that in this episode. 


In closing for 2022, thanks so, so much to our sponsors for their unwavering support of The Bright Balloon Podcast. And thank YOU as a listener! I've loved growing along with you and can't wait to take on 2023 with you!




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