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The Bright Balloon

Apr 16, 2024

I feel like this week's guest, Lamar, and I have such similar businesses. He comes on the show to chat about finding balance as a small business owner, giving classic and organic decor each their own due, and my favorite part... his knack for branding in every aspect of his business.

We'll hear what great support he had when starting his business in college, we talk about the transition into balloons full time, (including all the transitions to the physical space of LaMarvelous Balloons over time) and then the challenges of further growth. 

Then we talk about moving between classic and organic decor and how they can actually be similar builds when you keep a couple of artistic principles in mind: color and balance.  

And I couldn't help but ask about his approach to branding. Hear about how he struggled with introducing himself as a balloon artist to eventually discovering that it was such a unique thing for him to embrace. I was also so inspired to hear about his fun naming process for his decor items! 

Plus, let's give a big congrats to him for celebrating 10 years in the balloon industry!

Then in the UGlu Hotline, we get a neat little tip about using QR codes as business cards.



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