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The Bright Balloon

Apr 2, 2024

2024 Glow Retreat 

Let's face it... creating content is practically its own full-time job in our businesses, because it's endless! I know so many of us feel drained with the idea, and I couldn't agree more. So in this episode I'm going to be sharing how batching and cranking out content has changed my business, and why this will be the theme of the 2024 Glow Retreat!

Two things have recently changed my approach to creating content: a group coaching program and having a baby. Mainly, I've learned that with content creation you've got to focus on quantity over quality because sometimes your schedule is so unpredictable that you just have to take advantage of the windows of time that become available.

I'll share with you how I prepare for my sprints, why accountability is crucial to the process, and the results I've gotten from it.

And this leads me to the introduction of Glow Retreat 2024... what participants will leave with, when it's happening, the new location, what's included in registration and our amazing keynote speaker!

And in the UGlu Hotline, we get a nice tip about removing UGlu dots... by using UGlu dots!



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