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The Bright Balloon

Apr 9, 2024

It was so exciting to hear how today's guests Alissa, Rachel and Aimee came together with their different skill sets to create their own line of modern and fun specialty foils! They each have their own balloon decorating businesses but as they got to know each other in their local area they realized how a team approach to this fun new business would benefit them all.

We'll hear about:

  • the first foil that sparked the dream of Burst Party Co.
  • how they found their manufacturer & how they distribute them
  • the personality pieces that make their partnership go
  • some of their best-selling and new designs
  • more details about what it's like to run a product-based business

Then towards the end of our conversation you'll also hear about some of the super creative ways these foils can be incorporated into your jobs to offer very trendy designs to your customers in ways that DIY people likely can't. 

I just know that you'll love hearing from these ladies about their endeavor and I hope that you'll consider supporting them as our fellow balloon artists!

And in the UGlu Hotline, we get another excellent reminder to build community over competition!



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