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The Bright Balloon

Oct 25, 2022

Thank you all so much for participating in this "ask me anything" on Instagram! I really had a lot of fun thinking through these questions and how I handle them in my business.

I've left quite a few resources here in the show notes that relate to the answers to your questions, and hope that I was able to share some helpful insight!




1:58 - backdrops, invoices, helium and diversifying

10:35 - color choices and quoting process

13:05 - picking your business name & where to start

15:57 - outdoor balloons & the trajectory of balloon decor

18:25 - my van, when to start with a CRM & pricing calculators

22:03 - goals and dreams for my business

24:52 - favorite inflator




Havin' A Party Wholesale (save 5% with code BRIGHT)

Asset Lab

Balloon Boss Mastermind

Custom Color Chart | Multi-Brand

50% off a year of 17hats

17hats setup from Let Nicole Help


The LASER Focused Solopreneur

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