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The Bright Balloon

Jan 24, 2023

I know data tracking sounds boring and overwhelming (and it can be if you let it), but there are ways to collect and use data without feeling like you’re going in circles! In this episode I'm sharing with you how I'm collecting my data, what I use it for and how to keep it simple.


And let me just start by saying that if you're running your business through Instagram DMs, unfortunately you're going to have a really hard time gathering data. That's why I can't recommend a CRM like 17hats enough! Whenever you're ready to access your data, it's there waiting for you in several different reports.


What kind of data I'm focusing on

Something I'm super focused on tracking this year is my highest-paying clients, otherwise known as my big pumpkins if you're familiar with The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. This group of 10 or so people can make up a huge chunk of your sales and deserve to be catered to!


And anyone can find this data for their business. I really hope you take a few minutes today to identify these clients and get them on your radar in time to earn their repeat business!


Another big eye-opener for me in terms of data was finding out what my top-selling item was. After you've done a huge job it can be easy to assume that all that custom decor would be your number one sales product when in fact, you might have a product that is purchased so consistently it rises to the top of the list without you really noticing. And what a huge bonus if it's one of your most profitable products, too!


What I'm doing with my data

Now that I know what's selling best, I'm pushing that item even more! I'm making it super easy to find on my website, I'm posting more pictures of it and I'm making sure to recommend it over and over again. 


Sure, sometimes we can get sick of making the same thing all of the time, but if it's what's supporting and driving your business... why stop?


Another way to collect data

Tags are another great way to help you collect, categorize and sort your data. I love tagging my projects with the type of event it is. This helps me know what kind of clients I'm attracting and again, helps me narrow in and push those events even more. 


I also love tagging my customers with where they're coming from, specifically repeat clients. I'll then know to look back through their previous projects and remember what kinds of decor I've done for them in the past.


Finally, I use tags on my products! I categorize between pickup, delivery and install orders. Doing this helped me make an easy, informed decision on the party poles we all started creating during the pandemic. 


There are so many ways and reasons to tag your people and products... they can help you track anything you want to keep an eye on. I like to think of it as creating my own custom data!


Monthly data to track

Now I'm not much for setting monthly sales or leads goals in my business, but I've realized I want to have access to these numbers so that my future self can be comforted by the data as my business ebbs and flows. And it really can be as easy as keeping anecdotal notes on your phone, too.  


Lastly, I'm also going to be keeping tabs on my email marketing data. I actually really love reviewing this data because I can use it to experiment with how my emails look. It helps me figure out what kind of language and link placement converts to the most clicks. And with a provider like Mailchimp, you don't even have to do any digging to get this data... hooray! 


By the way, if you're stepping up your email marketing game along with me, I strongly suggest you make sure your unsubscribe notifications are off. Because even if you had a bunch of people click to learn more about the special you've emailed, sometimes it's just that one unsubscribe that can set you back for the whole day.



To summarize, I can't encourage you enough to start tracking something in your business today. But if you find yourself completely frozen in terms of where to look and what to do, you can also join me in getting done-for-you data in the Stats Membership from Let Nicole Help!


So let's hear it! What are you wanting to track this year?!




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