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The Bright Balloon

Apr 5, 2022

I don't necessarily have a strong all-or-nothing approach to charity work, but I do have some strategies in place to help me stay aligned with both my values and my business goals.


In this episode, I'll share five ideas for how to work with charities, non-profits, schools, etc. when they ask for free decor. I'll let you know which one is my clear favorite, but no matter which one you try I strongly suggest you set up an email template that is ready to go when you get the requests.


That way, it should be easier to remove the emotion from the request and it'll help you stay within your own boundaries while still sounding professional and gracious. 


What approach do you think you'll take?




04:49 - commit to one charity annually 

08:03 - trade for sponsorships

09:54 - donate your labor and time only

11:39 - have a standard donation item

16:36 - donate a percentage of their purchase

20:01 - things to avoid




Havin' A Party Wholesale 


The LASER Focused Solopreneur

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