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The Bright Balloon

May 10, 2022

I started offering Grab & Go Garlands after the initial interview with Ali of Charming Garlands (episode 48), and what a difference it has made to my business! I'm now able to help more customers and make more sales when I would have otherwise been booked out and unavailable.


Because they work so well, Ali and I have collaborated on a course, linked in the show notes, that will set you up to quickly succeed with Grab & Go's, too. It'll cover:

- the difference between making a Grab & Go Garland and an installation garland

- direction cards for your customers

- list of hanging kit supplies

- photo & language for your website

- email template to suggest a Grab & Go

- tips for promoting


In celebration of this super exciting collaboration, we're re-releasing the original interview so that you can hear more of Ali's genius around the Grab & Go process. 






1:34 - my results since the original interview

3:05 - all about our course collaboration

6:10 - the original interview




Grab and Go Garland Bundle

Havin' A Party Wholesale

Asset Lab




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