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The Bright Balloon

Apr 11, 2023

Rachel of How About Balloons comes on the show in this episode to talk about cold pitch emails (and interestingly enough, it was a cold pitch email that got this interview scheduled!). The timing of this conversation couldn't be better for me as I dive into full-time balloons and want to take more of an offensive approach rather than waiting to see who contacts me.

Rachel and her mom Lisa have had a lot of success with this type of marketing in their business and I'm so excited to share our conversation, and their tips, with you all!

Believe it or not, she's been able to bring her experience as a pediatric dental hygienist into her balloon business in order to communicate with people in a supportive, but fast and condensed way. 

She shares with us their strategy for reaching out to local event planners and venues via Instagram and email. Not only that, she gives a few ideas for subject lines and actual email content! Then I put her on the spot and ask for some constructive feedback on a strategy I've been testing.

We also chat about things like how they've kept their growth goal front and center from the start, how they've managed their framework inventory as a newer business and what kinds of things they did to invest in their business.

I cannot wait to incorporate these ideas and suggestions from Rachel in my business and am so thankful to her for sharing. We even end the interview with such an optimistic view on our industry... I just know you're going to be inspired by this episode!


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