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The Bright Balloon

Aug 23, 2022

Thanks to so many of you for following along during my Instagram reels experiment this past month! 


After posting a reel every day for the past 30 days, I've been through so many emotions and I'm still a little unsure how I feel about them. But in the end I do think I've found a way to incorporate reels into my balloon business in a way that actually makes good business sense.


Listen in to hear about my cringy moments, tough moments, funny moments and realizations about posting Instagram reels every day for a month.




03:19 - why I decided to try reels every day

09:54 - some ideas I picked up along the way

14:07 - what I didn't like about it

23:06 - how this experiment turned around - a little

26:36 - my biggest lesson learned & some tips

35:43 - we're on the same page!

39:41 - exciting stuff coming up




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